Burnaby Contested Wills & Estates Lawyer

Wills Variations Claims for the Burnaby Area

Are you considering making a contested will claim in the Burnaby area? Did you receive very little inheritance from a large family estate in Burnaby?  In British Columbia, you have the right to dispute the will of a close family member who did not adequately provide for you. At Cobbett and Cotton, our Burnaby based estate lawyers can help you receive the inheritance you deserve.

We recognize the stress involved in disputing an inheritance. We give you an honest assessment of your claim and the challenges you might face. Where possible, we use negotiation, mediation or arbitration to help resolve a disputed inheritance claim and avoid deepening the rift between family members.  If it becomes necessary to go to court, we will guide you through each step of the litigation process.

Calls us for a free no obligation consultation.  It’s confidential and we never ask our wills variation clients to sign anything in our first meeting.  We explain our fee agreement and invite you to come back to sign after thinking about it and discussing it with others.

Don’t delay in giving us a call. It is important to speak to a lawyer early as certain limitations period apply that may defeat your right to claim your rightful inheritance.

Cobbett and Cotton has served Burnaby area residents for over 50 years.  Call 604-299-6251 to book your consultation.

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