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No Legal Fee Unless We Increase Your ICBC Injury Compensation

Are you making an ICBC injury claim in the Burnaby area?  If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, it’s important to have an ICBC claims lawyer who acts for you and protects your legal right to compensation.

Why?  Even though ICBC may admit you are not at fault, they will not admit that you are as seriously injured as you are.  ICBC cannot just take your word for it.  ICBC has a duty to make you prove how much your case is worth and a legal right to settle for less if they can get away with it.   That’s because they act for the negligent driver, not you.

That’s why a lawyer can really help you and make a big difference to you, even after you pay the legal fee.  At Cobbett & Cotton, our Burnaby car accident lawyers are experienced in dealing with ICBC injury adjusters, doctors and opposing lawyers to recover the compensation you’re rightfully entitled to receive.  We have the experience it takes to prove your case in court and to negotiate a fair out of court settlement based on all the evidence we obtain.

If friends, family, or a health professional have urged you to see a lawyer before accepting an offer from ICBC, we invite you to call us for a free consultation.  We have spoken to many people just like you and we have learned that ICBC does not offer settlements based on how someone actually feels. ICBC makes offers based on what the injury victim could prove in court.

We are so confident that we can help you that we guarantee that you will pay no fee unless you receive more than ICBC is offering when you hire us to be your lawyers.

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We are proudly committed to helping injured people in only those cases when a lawyer can make a real difference.

The ICBC injury cases we handle include:

John Hamilton - Burnaby ICBC Claims Lawyer

John Hamilton

We understand the impact that your injuries have on your life, and we treat you with compassion and respect. Call Burnaby ICBC claims lawyer John P. Hamilton in our office today at 604-299-6251 to book your free consultation or send an email to jhamilton@cobbett-cotton.com.

At our first meeting, we never ask our ICBC injury clients to sign a fee agreement.  We explain the agreement, including Your Right to Have the Final Cost to You Reviewed, and invite you to come back to sign after thinking about it and discussing it with others.

Don’t delay in giving us a call.  You have just 90 days to apply for ICBC injury benefits and usually only 2 years to start a lawsuit before your right to injury compensation is lost.

call now for a free consultation 604-299-6251

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