Disputed Wills & Estates

We help you recover your fair inheritance

When a person dies in British Columbia and hasn’t adequately looked after their spouse or child in their will, the courts can vary or change the will. If you didn’t receive the inheritance you feel you deserved, we can help. Our lawyers can also assist if you’re concerned that the will may not be valid (perhaps because the deceased was unduly influenced by a family member).

We recognize the sensitivities involved in these stressful cases. We give you an honest assessment of your claim and the challenges you might face. Where possible, we use negotiation, mediation or arbitration to help resolve the dispute and avoid deepening the rift between family members. But we’re prepared to go to court to recover your fair and rightful share when necessary.

Our lawyers have a proven track record in resolving many types of wills and estates disputes. We provide legal services related to:

  • Opinions on will documents
  • Wills variation claims
  • Challenging the validity of a will
  • Probate disputes
  • Claims against trustees