1. Real Estate

Buying a home or condo and developing/investing in commercial property are major transactions. They involve large sums of money and there is lots to consider. What easements or other charges are registered against the property? Should you get title insurance or a survey certificate? How does a strata corporation work? With commercial projects, issues like zoning, joint venture agreements, sub-division and financing may all come into play.

2. Corporate & Commercial Law

Perhaps you’re starting a new business. Should it be a sole proprietorship? A company? A franchise? A partnership? Or perhaps you have a well-established business and need a creative restructuring plan to help it expand?

3. Wills, Estates & Trusts

Making a will is one of the kindest things you can do for your loved ones. You can name a guardian for your children. And it allows your estate to be given away after you pass as you desire. Without a will, your estate is distributed according to provincial law (in a way that you may not wish).

4. Disputed Wills & Estates

When a person dies in British Columbia and hasn’t adequately looked after their spouse or child in their will, the courts can vary or change the will. If you didn’t receive the inheritance you feel you deserved, we can help. Our lawyers can also assist if you’re concerned that the will may not be valid (perhaps because the deceased was unduly influenced by a family member).

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