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For over 20 years, Cobbett & Cotton has been voted “Best Law Firm in Burnaby” by the readers of the Burnaby Now Newspaper.

Real Estate Services

Cobbett & Cotton Law Corporation has one of the largest real estate law practices in British Columbia. It’s known for its efficient and knowledgeable services in real estate financing. We have advised lenders and borrowers in finance transactions across all aspects of real estate loan transactions - whether it’s buying a first home, leasing commercial real estate or developing an office or residential building. Our team works diligently to ensure the deal is completed to the satisfaction of all parties.

Wills and Estates Services

Without a will, your estate is distributed according to provincial law in a way that you may not wish. But making a will is only one part of an estate plan. Thoughtful estate planning can help save taxes and probate fees, maintain a family business and allow for planned giving to charities. We can help you create an estate plan that fulfills your goals. We can also help you if you’ve been named as executor.

Our firm provides complete services in will preparation, estate planning, probate and estate administration, trusts, power of attorney, representation agreements, committeeship to manage the financial affairs of an elderly or mentally incompetent person, and elder law.

Family Law Services

Cohabitation Agreement or a Marriage Agreement set mutual expectations on finances related to assets and debts arising from a separation. Spousal support can be part of such agreements. Having the discussion about finances and expectations early can help create transparency, assist you with planning your financial future, and reduce future stress.

Separation Agreements can resolve issues arising at the end of a common law or marital relationship. They can be flexible and tailored to specific circumstances. They help avoid future conflict and costly court litigation by setting expectations and guidelines. Typically, they deal with Custody, guardianship and parenting arrangements for your children; Child support; Spousal support; Property division.

Business Law Services

Our experience advising and assisting clients in corporate and commercial matters includes: new company incorporations; acting as the registered and records office of companies, including attending to corporate records maintenance and filing annual reports; corporate reorganizations, including rollover transactions pursuant to sections 85, 86, and 51 of the Income Tax Act of Canada; buying or selling businesses, including asset or share purchase transactions; negotiating and preparing a variety of agreements such as shareholders agreements, bare trust agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and purchase agreements; representing landlords and tenants in commercial leasing matters. To ensure tax efficiencies, we coordinate with accountants and tax advisors as necessary.

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